You should be asking Yourself or Your Advisor


1. What rate of return do you have to earn on your savings and investment dollars to be able to retire at your current standard of living and have your money last through your life expectancy?

2. How much do you need to save on a monthly or annual basis to be able to retire at your current standard of living and your money last till life expectancy?

3. Doing what you are currently doing, how long will you have to work to be able to retire and live your current lifestyle till life expectancy?

4. If you don’t do anything different than you are doing today, how much will you have to reduce your standard of living at retirement for your money to last to your life expectancy?

The answers to these questions can be answered in our first twenty minutes together while also providing an indication of where you currently stand with securing your financial future. 

The process starts with finding ways for people to efficiently  improve their current financial position, preferably without impacting their current lifestyle. Clients can often solve the four issues stated above by first focusing on dollars they could be losing unknowingly and unnecessarily without taking on additional financial risk.

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