Life Insurance

Every life insurance policy basically provides each policy owner’s beneficiaries with financial reassurance through a generally income-tax-free guaranteed death benefit.

Today’s life insurance products offer more than a death benefit. They provide opportunities for premiums to work for policyholders during their lifetime. Indexed Universal Life Insurance is particularly well-suited for this goal. Due to its unique interest-crediting approach, IUL offers upside potential with downside protection. 

A Fixed Index Universal Life (FIUL) Insurance Policy provides additional benefits such as the potential for tax-deferred cash value accumulation- which can be accessible through policy loans and withdrawals (loans and withdrawals will reduce the death benefit).

I invite you to schedule an appointment to meet with me and discuss life insurance. I offer a free evaluation and open discussion of your objectives, your current financial status and available options to protect your family and build security for the future. 

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