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I am licensed by the state of California as a Resident Independent Insurance Producer. I am approved to offer annuity and life insurance products from the top leading Insurance Carries. I provide assistance by helping clients discover ways to save more for the future and protection of their assets. Every client will have their own unique situation and  need of identifying ways to avoid any unnecessary wealth transfers or missed opportunity costs. It is never to early or late to start saving and planning for your retirement. Schedule an online meeting Today. 

Annuity Dollar


Annuities can play an important role of your retirement strategy.

Life Insurance

Todays life insurance policies provide protection and can be structured to your own needs or purpose.


Retirement Income

Create a supplemental retirement income stream guaranteed for life.

retirement reality check

We often question ourselves of saving enough during the years leading up to retirement. Our current lifestyle is dependent upon a recurring income we bring home during the working years. We question our capability of maintaining the same standard of living when we stop receiving work income every month. This situation is a reality check for many people approaching retirement. Watch a series of short videos designed to help you prepare and understand how the accumulation and transfer of money effects everyone in a different way.

Schedule a private online meeting that convenient for you

I understand that your free time is important to you. I realize the need to discuss your future retirement is probably somewhere near  the bottom of your list of things to do. 

I presume that you would feel the same way about spending your free time preparing your home for a visit or having to travel by car to a meeting destination. No worry!

Request information and details of how we can schedule a meeting online for a time and date best convenient for you. This can be possible by conducting an online webinar. Contact me for details and compatibility requirements.  

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