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Money Matrix
By discovering the Money Matrix you will develop a thought process that will not only aid you in your everyday financial life, but that will also become the foundation for the major decisions that you will need to make in planning your financial future.
Transfers of Wealth
Did you ever spend money you didn’t want to? Did you ever spend money you didn’t have to? When someone tells you that they can get you a higher rate of return, who is the one at risk, you or the person making the recommendations?
The Next 3000 Days
You need to discover some of the challenges that you will have to confront in the very near future. If you know certain events are going to occur you can prepare for them now.
An Uneasy Awareness
Your economic situation is a matter of choice, not a matter of chance. Misguided and self inflicted, many decisions are made with a lack of knowledge.
The Defining Moment
What you know today will determine where you will be five to ten years from now. Understanding the challenges you face in the next 3,000 days is critical.
The Business of Learning
Many times the public can become confused about what is good sound advice. This has a paralyzing effect on the average person’s ability to make necessary life decisions. Information and a decision-making thought process are required to make such decisions.
Owning A Home
Representing one of the largest transfers of wealth in your life is your home. Owning a home is part of the traditional American dream. Purchasing a home can turn into a nightmare with sleepless nights and difficult decisions.
According to the Family Research Council, since 1948 for a family of four, taxes have increased 1250%.
The Family Legacy
Imagine all the opportunities in life that have passed you by simply because you weren’t aware of them. There may be an opportunity right in front of you that you just don’t see.
Misguided Wisdom
Many of the financial lessons that the average American uses today are based on “what you have been told to think” not “how to think”.
The Thought Process
It is difficult to get the right solution when you’re starting out with the wrong premise. If you center your future around a false belief system, your life will be the result of what you believe.
A wise man once said “if something has no value then don’t insure it.” Unfortunately, many believe that to receive benefits from a life insurance policy someone must die. This is not always true.
The Charitable Legacy
If it were possible to do the things in life you wanted to do – without spending one more dime than you are already spending – would you do them?
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