Getting To Know You & What I Do

  • I spend the first meeting getting to know the clients needs, goals and characteristics.
  •  I follow up  the conversation explaining what I do and how I can possible help them with a strategy. 

Moving Forward & How I am Compensated

  • It is at this point that the client makes a decision to move forward with a solution or possible strategy to meet the ir retirement goals.
  • I will explain the details of my approach with finding the best solution for the client and how I am compensated for my service moving forward.

Your Financial Situation

  • It is vital that I have the client fully describe their current and unique financial situation and understand a need to help develop an effective solution.
  • I followed the first meeting  by presenting the client with a brief interactive demonstration that provides a realistic perspective of the client’s current path to retirement and analyze how it might affect retirement.

Find Areas For Improvements & Find Solutions

Contact Me

Schedule an appointment to meet and discuss all available options to help you create a income stream for a life time. You can email, leave a message or text me at the number below. Thank you for visiting me site!


brians@socali4niainsurance.com  (951) 204-2745

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