I am a California licensed Independent Insurance Producer partnered with multiple Insurance Carriers. I serve my community as a Financial Services Professional. I help families and individuals see their lifetime capital potential by helping them develop a realistic cash flow strategy that will allow them to retire with the same or current standard of living.

People who have already retired or are nearing retirement can’t afford the needed years it takes to rebuild their portfolios after a major market downturn. For these retirees, the possible risks associated with a large market correction would have a devastating effect of their assets and could eventually jeopardize the type of retirement they worked hard to set up.


It is my job to provide clients with solutions that meet their objectives and goals. I perform this by educating clients on the terms and conditions of each product presented to them. My purpose is to provide my clients with an honest and realistic solution to fit their own desired retirement plan and wealth protection.

I truly believe there is a better opportunity to serve my clients by helping them avoid loss unknowingly or unnecessary. It is important that I understand the nature of my client’s unique financial situation and background before moving forward with a solution. It is vital that I gain a true understanding of their financial position and needs.


Want a better understanding of your current financial situation? Would you like an opportunity to create a guaranteed retirement income stream for life. If you have any questions or would like to learn more about planning for your retirement, just click the tab below to leave a message or “Schedule A Meeting”. 

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Brian Stidham

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