SoCali4niaInsurance- Brian J Stidham

Complimentary Reports

No-Cost / no obliggation Reports

Receive your own personal, no obligation wealth assessment report to point out exactly where you currently stand financially for retirement. We will provide you with a report filled with information to help you create an efficient retirement strategy.

shortfall analysis report

A complimentary assessment of your overall retirement plan. The report provides you with a comprehensive comparison of your current financial scenario and a recommended scenario strategy. The report provides a complete breakdown of your financial wealth and recommendation for a successful retirement plan.

Reproject policy verification and evaluation report

A complimentary life insurance audit and verification service. Many life insurance policyowners have never had their current policy reviewed to see if they could be saving money by comparing policy performance, verifying policy stability, and reviewing current available premiums and health ratings.

ssmax report- social security

A complimentary Social Security maximization service that provides a comprehensive review of the claiming options you have available within your unique situation. We provide a report highlighting only the best strategies available so you can get a clearer picture of your optimal retirement age would be.